Bible Quiz a Rama


The Bible QUIZ-A-RAMA is a full-scaled production Bible quiz designed to stimulate the minds of the youth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The following rules will govern this contest.

  1. Teams: Each church will be allowed to have ten (10) members on its team.  There is no minimum age limit but the maximum age of a team member is 25 years of age.  Conference employed ministers and Bible Instructors cannot be selected as team members.
  1. Subject: The quizmaster will ask questions pertaining to the subject. The questions will be taken from the New King James Version of the Bible.
  1. Questions: All questions will be multiple choice in nature and every team will have an      opportunity to answer the same questions at the same time.  Sample question:

How many chapters are there in the book of Luke?

  1. A) 21 B) 22       C) 23       D) 24       E) 25       F) 26
  1. Procedure: The teams will have one (1) minute to decide on the right answer. “The Runner” one of the team members from each team will take an answer card to the stage and stand in front of his or her standard.  Each team should have a “Team Captain” to speak to the judges or if they have questions.
  1. Scoring: Each right answer is worth ten (10) points.  The team with the most points when the time is up is the winning team.  Ties will be broken by having a run-off.  There will be First, Second and Third place winners.
  1. How to Study: First select a team.  It’s good to start out with more than ten team members.  Solicit the help of your pastor, Bible Instructor, and any or all of the church members.  Those over 25 years old cannot be on your team, but they can help you prepare.   Along with the Bible, make use of the CONCORDANCE, BIBLE DICTIONARY, BIBLE COMMENTARY and also the SPIRIT OF PROPHECY BOOKS BY E.G.WHITE.


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