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SECC Sexual Misconduct Policy


Screening Church Leadership & Volunteers
The risk to the local church today is too high not to take all of the precautions necessary and rely on the data available to alert them about harmful individuals.
Screening is the “filter” to allow continued care, teaching, and ministry to take place. Screening is a means to end the anxiety and speculation involved with enlisting persons to serve. It will also help to prevent/avoid: Continue reading

Vacation Bible School FAQs

The deadline for both the VBS Funding Request for 2017  and the Report for 2016 is October 31, 2016.

 How exactly does the funding process work?

1.    First of all, you must submit a VBS Funding Request for the year that you will hold VBS. Funding requests are due no later than October 31, the year before VBS. For instance, VBS funding requests for the VBS 2017 season is due no later than October 31, 2016.

2.   A VBS Report is due after you have held VBS. Due no later than October 31 following VBS.
This report lets us know how many attended your church’s VBS, the type of VBS that was done, etc.
3.Once we receive this form, we will process your funding and send out the check. Typically 2 weeks after it is received.

Where can we find the VBS Funding Request and the VBS Report Form?

Both are electronic forms so you can fill them out by visiting our website at and clicking on the Children’s Ministry logo at the top right hand side.


What if I did not request funding for this VBS Season and the October 31st deadline has already passed?

The good news is that we serve a God who is full of grace. As your conference Children’s Ministry team, we strive to exemplify that same grace. Therefore, if you are late and have not sent in your VBS Funding Request on time, we do accept late requests, however, approval is subject on the availability of funds. To submit a late request, please visit us at and click on the Children’s Ministry logo to navigate to the VBS section of the website.

Our church held VBS and we were approved for funding, but we forgot to turn in our VBS Report. What can we do?

After the deadline for VBS Reports has passed, we immediately start funding the late reports, with an assumption that the churches who didn’t turn in their reports and were approved either did not host a VBS program or did not need the funding after all. You can contact us by email at or by telephone at 951-509-2260 and we can fill the reports depending on the availability of funds. 


Are there any additional funds available other than VBS Funding?

We do not offer any other funds other than VBS Funding, however, you can check with Evangelism and also your Ministry Department at the Conference office to see if they offer any further assistance.


Do I have to fill out the forms online?

Fortunately, yes! We are striving to “Go Green”. Not only will it help the environment, but it will allow us to keep costs down for our churches.

For any further questions, please call 951-509-2260 or email