Fair Booths

Clubs will be eligible for a booth ONLY if they have had an Inspection and a Pathfinder Day during the year.

ALL Booths must pay a $50 refundable, cleaning deposit fee for each booth. Deposit(s) is paid by cash or check during the onsite registration on the day of the event. The deposit(s) will be returned if booth(s) area is clean upon inspection by a county coordinator after closing ceremonies. After closing ceremonies coordinators will inspect each booth. If the booth(s) area is clean, a ‘clean’ ticket will be issued by the coordinator for each booth. Bring these tickets to registration area to receive the deposit(s). If booth(s) are is not clean, the deposit(s) will be surrendered. Finally, if my club chooses not to have a booth(s), it must be cancelled by the Monday before Fair or the deposit(s) will be forfeited.

Booth assignments/location will not be given until the club has registered onsite and deposit(s) paid either Saturday night or Sunday morning. Booth construction can begin after the onsite registration is completed. Please unload your vehicles as quickly as possible, then move them to a designated parking area. There will be roadblocks in several areas. Keep this in mind as you move your vehicle from place to place.

The maximum size is 12’ wide x 12’ deep x 8’ high. Canopies or ez-ups are acceptable, but cannot be larger than 12’ x 12’. To help with your booth design, you might consider plastic lattice which can be purchased at a local home builder or hardware store. Suggestions for construction are in this section. Club is responsible for all supplies needed (cover, tables, trashcans, etc.) as well as any extension cords.

Pathfinders must be involved in the construction and display process. Judges will take off points for booths that are built entirely by adults. Judges will be watching Saturday night and Sunday morning to see that the young people are involved in the booth construction and set up of displays. Booths are to be completed by 8:30am Sunday morning.

A club may not have the same booth two years in a row. Be creative – think AY honors. It needs to reflect what you did during the current year. Inside the booth you can display crafts and projects completed during the past year. The booth may show its own theme based on activity, display or scene. Tables in the booth and walls are used to maximize display advantage. Pathfinders should have a working demonstration in the booth.
Identification of your booth is important. Post the club name in front of the booth. Remember, to place a tag with the name and age of the Pathfinder on each displayed project.

Booth judging will be from 10:00am to 12:30pm. During this time the booth is to be manned by Pathfinders. Ribbons will be awarded after the score sheets are turned in, no later than 1:30pm. You can earn up to 50 points per booth for display, participation or event booth. The points will be added to the total points for the year which determine if you are eligible for an award.
At least one of your booths (if multiple booths are setup) must display the American Flag, the Pathfinder flag and guidons in the proper areas. See Flag section. The American flag should always be on the viewer’s left. All flags and banners should be taken to the Parade route by 8:30am and returned to your booth at the end of the parade.

Booths are not to be dismantled before the closing ceremonies.

A. DISPLAY BOOTH – The purpose of a Display Booth is to provide an opportunity for family, visitors, and members of other clubs to view the honors and projects the Pathfinders have enjoyed working on during the Pathfinder year. We suggest and encourage that each booth theme emphasize one of the following AY Honor categories: Arts & Crafts, Health & Science, Household Arts, Nature, Outdoor Industries, Outreach Ministries, Recreational, or Vocational.
Pathfinders are to be in the booth from 10:00am to 12:30pm to explain to the viewer about the display and answer the questions of guests or judges. For instance, if you choose to do a Cooking and Sewing booth, you will want Pathfinders in the booth that know about and have earned these honors. (It works well to rotate your Pathfinders so that none are “stuck” in the booth for two and a half hours).

Your display could be a kitchen scene with curtains, seat covers, potholders, place mat, and aprons made by the sewing class and a variety of foods that have been prepared by the cooking class. Your club name sign could be created with food/sewing items also. Don’t forget to include the AY honor requirements. Have the Pathfinders help plan. Not only can they be very creative, but also by involving the Pathfinders, your club will bond and become stronger. Encourage neat and colorful displays.

B. PARTICIPATION BOOTH – The purpose of a Participation Booth is to provide an opportunity for visitors and members of other clubs to participate in some facet of Pathfindering. People like testing their skills whether it be making a bread dough object, identifying rocks/minerals, predicting the weather with a weather map or making crafts.

Plan your participation on one of the AY Honors. Make it fun for Pathfinders and the general public as well. People enjoy receiving handouts or extra helps, which they can take home. The booth is to be manned by Pathfinders from 10:00am to 12:30pm to provide guidance in what to do and how to do it. You may also need to have adult supervision depending on the activity.

In some cases you many need to charge a small fee to cover the cost of materials. The booth is not designed to make money, so please keep cost down to a minimum and avoid charging as much as possible. Also, do not do anything that would lead to a game of chance, such as raffles, drawings, coin toss, etc.
If you need a space larger than 12×12 foot, you will need to have an Event Booth.

C. EVENTS BOOTH – The purpose of the Event Booth is to invite participation in a Pathfinder activity which allows active involvement in learning skills which could lead to earning an honor. What differentiates this booth from a Participation Booth is the activity cannot be accommodated in a 12×12 foot area.

Plan your event on one of the AY Honors. Make it fun and educational for Pathfinders and the general public. Handouts or extra help is always useful. Examples of an event could include orienteering, tent pitching, physical fitness honor, climbing wall, crossing a rope bridge, shooting an azimuth, etc.

Pathfinders need to be knowledgeable in the event and must be present from 10:00am to 12:30pm. They should be able to provide guidance in the Event and be able to answer questions from the guests and judges. Some of the events will be of such a nature as to require the presence of an adult staff for SAFETY, which should be of utmost importance.

In some cases you may need to charge a small fee to cover the cost of materials. The booth is not designed to make money, so please keep the cost down to a minimum and avoid charging as much as possible. Also, do not do anything that would lead to a game of chance, such as raffles, drawings, coin toss, etc.

D. ACTIVITY/SALES BOOTH – Your club will be eligible for an activity booth ONLY if you also have a display, participation or event booth and have had an Inspection and a Pathfinder Day during the year. Each club is only allotted one activity booth. No points are given for this booth as it is a fundraising booth.

The purpose of an Activity/Sales Booth is to provide an opportunity for visitors, families and Pathfinders to do something fun and to raise funds for the club. The booth can have an carnival type of activity or be something based on an honor. Be creative. Pathfinder related items can also be sold at this booth. No food items as those are only sold at food booths. Also, do not do anything that would lead to a game of chance, such as raffles, drawings, coin toss, etc.

  • Activities: Think of activities that follow Seventh-day Adventist Christian guidelines
  • Sales: Only Pathfinder related items are to be sold such as t-shirts, pins, hats, etc. Sales can only be done by a recognized Pathfinder club, not an individual.

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