Fair Food Booths

E. FOOD BOOTH – Your club will be eligible for a food booth ONLY if you also have a display, participation, or event booth and have had an Inspection and a Pathfinder Day during the year.

Each club is encouraged to offer food for sale at the Pathfinder Fair. This is a great time to involve parents and church members in helping and supporting their youth. Your club Food Booth may be able to finance your Fair expenses, but remember that there are things more important than monetary gain.

We are operating on a free enterprise system, meaning that your club may choose, within reason, what they wish to sell. Every item must be indicated on the Food Booth application form. What food your club will serve will be noted. Two (2) clubs will be allowed to serve the same main food and is decided on a first come, first serve basis. Clubs will be notified via email if their food choices are approved or if the main food has already been taken by two (2) previous clubs. We always need MORE entrees: burgers, hot dogs, pronto pups, tacos, tostadas, haystacks, spaghetti, etc. There will be NO alcoholic beverages, caffeine drinks, or foods prepared with meat. Avoid junk food. Instead emphasize food items that will contribute to a healthful diet.

The City of Riverside requires a non-profit food permit and has strict guidelines below that must be adhered to so we can continue to operate.

An agreement will be signed onsite at registration confirming your knowledge and compliance of the requirements and understand by not meeting any or all of the requirements, the coordinators may close the food booth.

All food preparation shall occur at the food booth. All beverage ingredients must come from a retail store. Prepackaged food must be clearly labeled with the following information:

  1. Common name of the food.
  2. Ingredients in order of predominance by weight.
  3. If item is perishable it should be labeled prominently with “Perishable – Keep Refrigerated” in a highly visible location.

All food shall be stored in food grade containers with lids. All food storage shall be a minimum of six (6) inches off the ground at all times. Food should be stored so that it is adequately protected at all times from contamination, access from insects and exposure to the elements. Food that needs to remain cold or perishable foods shall be in ice chests with plenty of ice. Ice used for drinks or snow cones should be stored in separate coolers and containers safely away from ice used for food storage and cooling.

Your Food Booth will be inspected by coordinators before the Fair begins to make sure you meet the criteria. A form based on the criteria will be used. When you pass inspection, your club will be given a participation ribbon giving you authorization to serve.

Every booth using electrical connections or open flame must have an approved and up-to-date dry chemical type 2.5 lb. fire extinguisher and know how to use it.

If the booth is not being operated in a sanitary way, or taking precautions in handling of food and the safety of perishable foods, we will find it necessary to close the booth down. Following these guidelines:

  1. No one sick should be working.
  2. Hands and forearms should be free of skin injuries.
  3. Disposable plastic gloves are to be worn by all food handlers.
  4. Hairnets or caps are to be worn over hair.
  5. Hands should be washed frequently with liquid soap and water. Paper towels must be provided. Hand sanitizers are allowed, but are not a replacement for handwashing.
  6. Clean cooking/serving areas expected. All food contact surfaces shall be made durable and easily cleanable food grade materials.
  7. Cashier is not to handle food.

Please plan your serving carefully, post signs for efficient traffic flow, prices and menu, with a large quantity of pre-wrapped foods, a fast cashier and change for efficient service. THE CASHIER IS NOT TO HANDLE FOOD. Food booths may be open all day.

All liquid and solid waste must go in a leak proof container and disposed of properly. Liquid waste should not be emptied on the grounds or grass. A large dumpster is provided by the conference for disposal. You must provide onsite trash containers: at least one inside booth and one outside.
Please leave the area cleaner than when you arrived, using trash containers for all refuse. Do not dump oil or other liquids into bushes or on the ground. If you are not sure where to dump it, ask a Fair official.

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