Pathfinder Reports & Point System

Southeastern California Conference requires certain reports to be completed and turned in to attain a trophy at the Fair.  Even though the Pathfinder year runs from September to August, the points and reports system is from May to April.  The different reports are found in the document center.

Reports must be completed and turned in fifteen days before the Fair.  No points will be awarded for activities scheduled after the Fair.  Points for those activities will be awarded the following Pathfinder year. 25 points will be deducted if you register after the deadline for any event.

Some of these reports/forms need to be completed by the county coordinator then emailed or faxed to the Youth Ministries office where they will be compiled.


Breakdown for Trophy Levels (yearly points possible 1,800+)

  • Sweepstakes Club 1750-1800+\
  • Trophy Club 1550-1749
  • Honor Club 1350-1549

Points will be figured as follows:

1. MONTHLY REPORT  = 800 points (Monthly Report fillable)

100 points per month for 8 months from May to April. We will use the 8 highest months for the year.  Reports must be received by the 10th of the following month reported to receive the on time points.  Monthly reports will not be accepted and no points given if not received by the 10th of the next month.  Example:  September report needs to be received by October 10th to receive the on time points.  September report must be received by November 10th to receive any points.


Each Pathfinder and staff member must fill out a Pathfinder Registration/Insurance form yearly and email a completed Excel spreadsheet listing all staff and members to the ten days after joining the club either at a formal registration or during the Pathfinder year.

3. INVESTITURE = 100 points (PF Investiture Report_fillable)

  • Investiture service = 25 points
  • Parents Invited = 25 points
  • Pledge and Law = 10 points
  • Song = 10 points
  • Pathfinder presentation relating to one of the classes completed = 30 points

4. CAMPOREE = 100 points (coordinators have the form and will complete at event)

  • Attendance = 50 points
  • Campsite Inspection = 25 points
  • Participation (events) = 25 points

5. INSPECTION = 100 points (pf_inspection_form_revised_2015_fillable)

  • 0 – 69 points = Poor
  • 70 – 84 points = Fair
  • 85 – 94 points = Good
  • 95 – 100 points = Excellent

6. CONVENTION = 100 points

Leaders, club staff in attendance

7. PATHFINDER DAY = 100 points (PF Day Report_fillable)

  • Had a Pathfinder Day Service = 25 points
  • Invited parents to attend = 25 points
  • Repeated Pledge & Law = 10 points
  • Sang Pathfinder Song = 10 points
  • Pathfinder presentation relating to one of the classes completed = 30 points

8. FAIR = 400 points (Fair forms are found in document center)

  • Fair Attendance = 50 points
  • Participation in Parade = 50 points
  • Attendance in Class A Uniform = 50 points
  • Float = 50 points
  • Participation/Display/Event Booth = 50 points each
  • Missions, Outreach & Community Impact Project = 50 points
    • Point Scale
      • Identification = 5 points
      • Creativity/Neatness = 5 points
      • 8 Months of Sharing/Caring = 40 points
  • Float, Booths, and Missions, Outreach & Community Impact Project Ribbon Placement:
    • 41-50 points = First
    • 31-40 points = Second
    • 21-30 points = Third

PLEASE NOTE: All events will be awarded actual points.


A great deal of emphasis is placed on the NAD year-end report.  This information is used by the NAD Youth Ministries, Union and Conference personnel to determine what is needed to strengthen the Pathfinder program.  It is vital that your information be as accurate as possible.  If your staff keeps weekly records of attendance, awards earned, and investitures, this report is easy to complete at the end of the year.  This report is due July 1st with a deadline by July 31st.

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