Pathfinder/Adventurer Club Registration & Insurance


It is mandatory that all Pathfinder & Adventurer Clubs throughout the Southeastern California Conference register every Adventurer and Pathfinder participant – Adventurers, Pathfinders, Teens, Master Guides & Leaders  – with the conference Youth Ministries Office and be covered by Pathfinder/Adventurer Insurance.

Registration/insurance fees are $10 per person which can be billed to the church or paid by church check.  Anyone who joins/registers during the year must follow the same procedure in order to be covered by Pathfinder or Adventurer Insurance.  Pathfinder & Adventurer functions are exempt from local church insurance.

Pathfinder & Adventurer Club Membership & Registration Papers

The Pathfinder & Adventurer Club membership definitions, requirements and forms are found below under their specific roles.  Select each one for more information.

Each positions require different forms to be completed which are located in the Doc center.  Please read through each to make sure the correct forms are completed. Coordinator leadership definitions and requirements are available under SECC Policies, Pathfinder Leadership or Adventurer Leadership.

Pathfinder & Adventurer Club Registration Process

Pathfinder & Adventurer Clubs can register their participants online by following the process below. Completed application/insurance forms are filed with the local club.  Once the registration process is completed, the club is recognized as an active club with the Southeastern California Conference.

The club director or secretary will:

  • Collect completed forms for each member, teen, Master Guide and leader and keep on file at the local club
  • Submit Excel registration form
    • Returning clubs:  The previous year’s Excel registration form will be emailed to the director and/or secretary.  Update with returning and new members, teen leaders, Master Guides and leaders/staff and email to
    • New clubs:  Download and enter information for each member, teen leader, Master Guide and staff/leader on the Excel registration form.  Then email to
  • Make sure adults who are 18 years or older complete the online background screening through Verified Volunteers if new or those whose screening is over three(3) years old
  • Turn in the Children & Youth Volunteer Worker form to the local church office for any new adults, 18 years or older

Suggested Items to Include in Local Registration

Clubs registrations can include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Selecting the proper size t-shirt, sash, or Class A (dress) uniform.  class A is not required for Adventurer clubs.
  2. Give parents a yearly schedule of club activities, SECC events and insurance information.
  3. Either an Adventurer or Pathfinder Registration/Application form completed by the parent.
  4. Completion of membership card.
  5. Collect registration fee and give receipt.
  6. Parent sign up for regular participation in yearly schedule.  Required for Adventurer clubs.


Note on Mandatory Pathfinder & Adventurer Insurance

If you find some parents who wonder why they should be required to pay for Pathfinder/Adventurer insurance, you might find some of OUR reasons helpful:

1. It protects the child – many medical institutions require proof of insurance before administering medical diagnosis or treatment. The letter from the Conference Risk Management department may be copied and used as proof of coverage and should be taken on all outings. Without this it would be necessary for each Pathfinder to bring proof of insurance to each function in order to obtain immediate care.

2. It protects the parent –

A. Parents don’t have to try to collect from their insurance company. (Parents would have to get proper forms filled out by attending physician and supervisors.)

B. Many personal or employee medical/accident policies exclude activities organized by established institutions such as youth organizations. Parents could pay thousands out of their own pockets.

C. It will NOT jeopardize parent’s insurance or low rates.

3. It protects the church, club, and staff from discontentment and law suits.

A. When a child is injured on an organized, activity the natural reaction of any parent is to blame the directors for poor supervision or bad judgment. The parents usually feel that since it happened under your care, you pay the bill. It is very nice at that heated moment to be able to say, “don’t worry, Pathfinder insurance will pay for the medical expenses.”

B. For some strange reason it seems that when the insurance is optional, the one who has an accident doesn’t have insurance. It is impossible for a director to know for sure who does and doesn’t personally carry accident coverage.

C. Uninsured parents probably don’t have the money to pay for even a minor accident. A major accident could wipe a family out financially. With no personal insurance or Pathfinder insurance, and limited financial means, the only recourse is to sue, no matter how trivial the cause or injury.

For the above reasons, the conference officers and the Pathfinder and Adventurer committees have decided that the low yearly cost for Pathfinder/Adventurer insurance justifies making it mandatory.

Pathfinder & Adventurer clubs in the Southeastern California Conference may be covered by as many as four kinds of insurance.  Select for descriptions of each.

The following information and forms are located in the document center for Pathfinders & Adventurers under trips & outings:

  • Adventist Risk Management Claim Form
  • Field Trip Planning Form
  • Field Trips & Outings Info
  • SECC Insurance Letter for Clubs
  • SECC Participation Consent Release Form
  • SECC Personal Vehicle Usage Form
  • SECC Transportation Info for Volunteers
  • SECC Youth Supervision Guidelines

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