SECC Pathfinder Policies

Southeastern California Conference (SECC) has policies and procedures unique to this conference. Pathfinder leaders are required to be aware of and follow these policies and procedures when organizing and leading out at the local church.  SECC Pathfinders have two volumes of basic information for Pathfinder Leadership.


Produced by the General Conference Youth Ministries, this manual contains an immense wealth of information and ideas for a successful Adventurer club.


Provides the Pathfinder leader with events, policies and procedures unique to this conference. Since the Policy Book will need constant revision, we would appreciate your written suggestions for improvements. We hope this book will help you plan your Pathfinder year in the most efficient and productive way.  It is no longer mandatory for Pathfinder clubs to purchase an SECC Policy Book since all of the policies are online.

Both the policy book and Pathfinder Staff Manual are available at the SECC Youth Ministries Department.

Below is a list of items specific to SECC.  Select each one for more information.  We hope that this information will help you plan your Pathfinder year in the most efficient and productive way.

The following information and forms are located in the document center for Pathfinders & Adventurers under trips & outings:

  • Adventist Risk Management Claim Form
  • Field Trip Planning Form
  • Field Trips & Outings Info
  • SECC Insurance Letter for Clubs
  • SECC Participation Consent Release Form
  • SECC Personal Vehicle Usage Form
  • SECC Transportation Info for Volunteers
  • SECC Youth Supervision Guidelines

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