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Fair Craft & Hobby Displays

Tables are set up in the Assembly Room (registration area) for personal displays. We request that you keep these displays to Pathfinder AY honors and share your collections in a neat and creative way. Each person is to fill out the information card and place with their display telling the club name, collector’s name, age (if you are over 21 list adult as your age) and the title of the display. Please remember to fill out and keep your part of the claim ticket so you can pick up your display without hassle. Items will not be released until after 3:00 pm. Continue reading

Fair Booths

Clubs will be eligible for a booth ONLY if they have had an Inspection and a Pathfinder Day during the year.

ALL Booths must pay a $50 refundable, cleaning deposit fee for each booth. Deposit(s) is paid by cash or check during the onsite registration on the day of the event. The deposit(s) will be returned if booth(s) area is clean upon inspection by a county coordinator after closing ceremonies. After closing ceremonies coordinators will inspect each booth. If the booth(s) area is clean, a ‘clean’ ticket will be issued by the coordinator for each booth. Bring these tickets to registration area to receive the deposit(s). If booth(s) are is not clean, the deposit(s) will be surrendered. Finally, if my club chooses not to have a booth(s), it must be cancelled by the Monday before Fair or the deposit(s) will be forfeited. Continue reading

Pathfinder Uniform

When a relatively small group of adults take charge of a larger group of children or youth, the first task is to create some sort of order and structure. Without order, leaders cannot teach, tell stories, or even play games. Uniforms have been found to be one of the most effective tools for establishing order. The right kind of uniform, one Pathfinders are proud of, creates a spirit of fun, cooperation, and individual self-respect. Continue reading

SECC Sexual Misconduct Policy


Screening Church Leadership & Volunteers
The risk to the local church today is too high not to take all of the precautions necessary and rely on the data available to alert them about harmful individuals.
Screening is the “filter” to allow continued care, teaching, and ministry to take place. Screening is a means to end the anxiety and speculation involved with enlisting persons to serve. It will also help to prevent/avoid: Continue reading

Grades 5-10: Pathfinders

Why have a Pathfinder Club?

The primary purpose of Pathfinder ministry is to instill in its membership a committed relationship with Jesus Christ through:

  1. Christian love and fellowship
  2. Pride in beginning and completing projects
  3. Training and reaching future Christian leaders
  4. Service/Outreach within the club and community

Continue reading