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Southeastern California Conference is divided into geographical areas with an Adventurer Coordinator serving each area. The Following qualifications, procedures, and duties are to guide in the selection of person to fill this post and to serve as working outline for the person chosen.

1. Qualifications for an Adventurer Coordinator

a. Must be a member in good standing with the teaching and beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

b. Have at least three years of Adventurer experience including one year of administrative responsibilities.

c. Be a Master Guide.

d. Live in the Adventurer area he/she is serving.

e. Candidate shall not hold office in a local Adventurer club.

f. The coordinator staff and Youth Ministries Department must approve any exceptions to the above qualifications.

2. Nomination of the Adventurer Coordinator

a. The term of office shall be two years, but an Adventurer coordinator may be reelected.

b. Nomination forms will be sent to clubs on February 1st of the election year. Please note that the incumbent’s name will automatically be nominated for election.

c. The local club nominating committees should be made up of the local club staff with the club director acting as his/her club’s chairman and representative. The club’s director will present each club’s nomination to the Conference Youth Department at least 30 days before the election; by March 1 of the election year.

d. The Conference Youth Ministry personnel and existing coordinator staff can also submit nominations. These nominations must also be submitted by March 1 of the election year.

e. Before the election, the Conference Youth Ministries Department will screen each willing nominee for approval before presenting the names to the election committee. During the screening process each new nominee’s local church board or pastor will be given an opportunity to respond to his nomination.

After a nominee has been screened and approved, the Conference Youth Director will request of each new nominee a resume of his/her background, experience and abilities.

f. The elected Adventurer coordinator’s name will be submitted to the Conference Committee for approval.

3. Election of the Adventurer Coordinator

a. The Youth Ministries Department will send official ballots with fact sheets on nominee to all directors of active clubs.

b. Method of voting will be open ballot by mail. For a vote to be valid, the ballot must be signed by the director and 67% of the local club staff.

c. Only one vote per club will be permitted.

d. The announcement of the outcome will be reported one week after the Adventurer Fair by mail. In the event of a tie a coordinator session is called.

e. The newly elected Adventurer coordinator will assume responsibilities immediately following the approval of the Conference Committee.

4. Responsibilities of the Adventurer Coordinator

a. To develop, nurture, and maintain a strong Adventurer ministry in the county churches.

b. To be a member of the Conference Adventurer Council and function as an adviser to the Adventurer conference-wide Coordinator.

c. To represent the conference Youth Ministries Department to the county churches, church school and home schools, promoting and supporting the North American Division (NAD), union and conference Adventurer policies and programs.

d. To assist the conference Youth Ministries Department, as requested, in both Adventurer and Pathfinder conference events. These may include Adventurer Fun Day, Pathfinder Fair, training events and other conference announced activities.

e. To take a leadership role in promoting and directing countywide Adventurer activities, such as quarterly leader meetings, training courses and award events such as the Adventurer Bike, Trike and Skate-a-thon or Adventurer family outings.

f. To be available as a consultant to the Adventurer club.

i. Implement a creative Adventurer ministry within the guidelines set forth in the NAD Adventurer manual and the SECC Policy Book.

ii. Visit each club a minimum of once per Adventurer year.

iii. Maintain communication with each Adventurer club director to encourage "spirit of Adventuring".

iv. Assist club directors in planning Adventurer club enrollment, programs, curriculum, evaluations, induction, investiture and blessing programs.

v. Assist directors in developing a Family Network program for parents of the Adventurer children.

vi. Function as an Adventurer instructor for club leadership of churches, church schools and home schools.

g. To work with church pastors to bring about a greater awareness of Adventurer ministry and to promote and nurture the benefits of Adventuring.

h. To be a gatherer of Adventurer news for the conference Adventurer publication.

i. Optional suggestions:

i. Promote participation in community activities such as parades and fairs.

ii. Promote and direct county mission projects.

iii. Publish a county bulletin.

iv. Any other activities desired by the directors of the county clubs.

Coordinator's Visit to an Adventurer Club 

Adventurer clubs do not have formal inspections. The Coordinator will visit the club by appointment with the Director. During the visit they will talk to the Director, staff and Adventurers and observe activities and program. Their purpose is to answer questions on the Adventurer program and assist the club in anyway that they can.

Chairman of Adventurer Coordinator Council

1. The Conference Youth Director or his associate shall be the chairman of the Adventurer coordinator meetings.

2. A vice-chairman of the Adventurer coordinators may also be appointed from among and by the Adventurer coordinators.

Duties of Adventurer Council Vice-Chairman

1. In the absence of the chairman, the vice-chairman is to chair the coordinator meetings and report to the chairman decisions reached at said meetings.

2. In an emergency and in the absence of the chairman, he has the responsibility of organizing the coordinators to ensure the continued operation of the Adventurer program.